Mean Girls on the Western Front

What do these warriors have in common?

Army of Skanks – Gretchen Weiners, Regina George, Cady Heron, Karen Smith

 Iron Youth – Kropp, Müller, Leer, Paul

They go to the bathroom together.

  mean girls the movie lindsay lohan rachel mcadams girls restroom high school bathroom girls putting on lipstick in the mirror locker room

They too all spend time together “at the bathroom”.


The girls wear pink every Wednesday and sweats on Friday.

But the soldiers wear their uniforms all the time.

 all quiet on the western front


Have to stay skinny and not eat a lot because if they don’t then they will be kicked out from the group.


Have to stay in shape to survive the war.  They also have very small rations and are almost always hungry.


Act snobby and snooty because that’s their social reform for them.  That’s how those types of girls act and how they carry themselves.

Act tough and talk a certain way with each other and are also expected to act a certain way.  It’s said in the book how if their teachers and family heard how they were talking they would be astonished but where they are and to them that’s the normal lingo and how the talk.



Think that they are better than everybody else in every way and that they deserve better because everyone else is worse than them.

Think that their generation is better than the previous from personal experience and that they don’t know what their doing. 


Aren’t afraid to speak their minds no matter what they have to say.  Whether it’s hurtful or nice and they don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.


Aren’t afraid to confront the enemy and be on the front line.


Attend high school and are still growing up and figuring out who they are.

Haven’t even hit their twenties yet and were forced to grow up without anyone being an example to them in their live while on the other hand the girls get time to grow up and have people surrounding them.  


All of the girls treat their mom with no respect and this also ties back into them thinking that they know everything and are better than everyone else.  They don’t care what their mom think and they do what they want when they want.

Mess with the generals and don’t care about them either.  They’ll follow an order without hesitation because an order is an order but beyond that they constantly mess with their officials. 


Cady was forced to leave her home and change schools.  She will never be able to return to her formal life because it will never be the same and neither will she from that point on between the people that she meets and how her previous friends are getting along in their lives.

Have to draft for their country and leave to war.  On the small chance that they live through the war they can never simply return to the lives that they were previously living.  They can’t pick up where they left off.  Between all the horrific things they had seen and all their friends they saw die before them you change after that and you never really are the same person. 


Cady saw Regina get severely hurt by an oncoming bus. 

See their friends die all the time on the frontline.


People are always gossiping at school and you could have told someone something at lunch and by the end of the day everyone knows about it.  It doesn’t really matter what it is and you know that everyone knows.

Even when the guys are ten miles from the frontline of battle, you can still hear the sound of war.  Just like the girls, everyone knows what’s going on all the time whether they want to hear it or not. 


Are trying to grow up too fast and be more mature than they actually are.  They act like adults so much to the point where they believe it.

Are forced to grow up because when you go to war there is no time for the process of growing up to take place.  Especially when you are expected to do certain things then you kind of  be immune to things like going to the bathroom in front of each other or being naked in front of each other.

– Navy Blue Dress, Gold Glitter Pumps, Dark Gray Peacoat

2 thoughts on “Mean Girls on the Western Front

  1. There are a couple of orphan lines that should be fixed. There’s still a bit of messiness and lack of structure that is keeping me from re-blogging it for EC. I want to re-blog it, if you can’t figure it out tonight come and talk to me in class.

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