All Quiet on the Western Front: Valentine’s Day Cards

Love On The Battle field

Love is a battlefield

Shot down with love

Never Leer Me

I’ll take a bullet for ya

I’ll fight for your heart

My heart explodes with love for you like a cannonball

I’ll be as cold as the winter of 1917 without you

Heart Attack!

My heart is as big as Germany for you

I would die for you

Will you be mine? “By Jove yes,” said Haie

My feelings for you are bigger than the British Empire.

Are you a firework? Because you light up my world like nothing else.

My love for you is deeper than the trenches and hotter than the German flame-throwers.

Not even barbed wire will keep me from you.

Without you I’m like a lost child in no-man’s land.

Will you play a game of skat with me?

I wrote you a letter every day for two years.

New boots, more ammo, and a finished war are all second to you.

Unlike many friends, my love will never die.

It would be easier to be gassed a thousand times than live another day without you.

You have more power on me than my commanding officers do because you control my heart, they don’t.

Like a mine-field exploding is how my heart beats when I think of you.

Every time I march with my troop i imagine that I’m coming home to you.

All of those sleepless nights and the only thing on my mind is you.

This war will have an end to it but the fight for your heart will never stop.

Not even bombs could make me deaf to your voice saying I love you

The armies of Russia, France, and Great Britain will never be as strong as my love for you.

Wonderful Woman (I have) 1

You are my G.orgeous E.legant R.egal M.agnificant A.dorable

I would fight the Allies for you

The thought of you keeps me alive

You Kat deny my love for you

Don’t camouflage your love from me

Shot through the heart and you’re to blame

Quotes from “All Quiet on the Western Front”:

Chapter 1  – “fourteen days is a long time at one stretch

“Because he could not see, and was mad with pain, he failed to keep under cover, and so was shot down [with love]”

Chapter 2 – “my thoughts become confused”

“You can see he is waiting, apparently he wants the bed”

These are all supposed to be the Valentine’s on the small cards you see at Hallmark.  We took something from the book  “All Quiet on the Western Front”or World War 1 to create each of these.  These are corny but romantic, everything you need for a successful Valentine’s Day.  These were so much fun to write and we continually said “Awww” after reading some of them.  Hope you enjoy all of these.   If you like them leave a comment but if you love them leave three.  Or better yet, share one of your favorite Valentine’s Day cards.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day and love to you all.

-Gold Glitter Pumps, Navy Blue Dress, Dark Gray Peacoat


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