Reframed: How To Promote Your Blog


Here are some crazy ideas and maybe some normal ones here and there.  I hope you get a ‘kick’ out of them because we did while we were writing them.  There are many other ideas and possibilities to bring more people to view you blog but here are a few of ours.

    • You can ask the president of the United States to announce your blog to the whole world.
    • Have a jet write the link to your blog in the sky.
    • Go to the mall and put Post-its that have the link to your blog and stick one on everyone’s back.
    • Write your blog name on every inch of your body and walk around in public places all day.
    • Make fortune cookies and put your QR code and the link for your blog inside them.
    • Go to a karaoke bar and sing the name of you blog over and over.
    • Make a t-shirt with your Qr code on it and wear it on every Friday.
    • Put a QR code on the bottom of every Starbucks drink.
    • Put your QR code on and entire tennis court.
    • Have a famous celebrity endorse your blog.
    • Tell people that every person who scans a QR code of yours, you will give a dollar to charity.
    • Have a clothing line for your blog include a retail store in it.
    • Own a store and center it around you blog.
    • Create the best ice cream ever and have an ice cream truck play the jingle for you blog as you serve frozen treats to children.
    • Drive in a truck with a megaphone and sirens and repeatedly yell your blog’s name
    • Paint on each individual tile at the mall or hotel your QR code
    • At a marathon pass out QR codes on slips as they run past you
    • Replace bar codes on items or products with your QR code

Now if you don’t quite know how to make a QR code and would like to try it here are eight easy steps that you can make one:

    1. Copy the link of your blog or a post from it.
    2. Go to
    3. Paste the link into the window.
    4. Click on the button that says “shorten URL”.
    5. Copy and paste the shorten URL onto a new tab when it’s done.
    6. Add on to the end of the link, before pressing enter, “.qr”.
    7. Hit enter.
    8. And VIOLA! your QR code is now complete and you’re free to put it with any pictures from your blog that you would like, or pictures not from your blog, and have fun with it

If you’re signed into google or your gmail account, it saves all of the short links or QR codes you made. It also shows analytics which measures the number of times someones scans the QR code.

Hope this greatly increases number of views and followers for your blog. If you have more ideas or thoughts comment! We would love to know more ways to promote even our own blog.

-Gold Glitter Pumps, Navy Blue Dress, Dark Gray Peacoat

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