Count of Monte Cristo Episode 1: DISNEY-IFIED

We have started reading The Count of Monte Cristo in school this week so we decided to do something special through out the whole book. We will be making a Disney-ified episode of the section of the book that we are currently reading. We will tell you the story by using Disney gifs.  This section is from chapters 1-16. If you have any questions about how the story or any ideas please post them in the comments. Hope you enjoy this and please give feedback. Thanks!

Once upon a time…

There was a young man by the name of Edmond Dantes

His life was perfect and he was getting everything he could have ever dreamed for.

He was going to be a captain

And a husband

The future wife would be the beautiful Mercedes

But something went wrong…

He was arrested!

He was in a dungeon cave waiting to leave

The Chateau D’if  would be his new home for the next 14 years.

It was a huge prison on an island far away from his home, friends, and family

He was surrounded by loneliness until he encountered a “mad man” in the prison cell next to his

The “Madman” was a priest who made everything for himself

But even stranger, wasn’t a madman.

Dantes and the priest, Faria, ended up becoming wonderful friends.

Faria tought Dantes everything he knew.

Including new languages

The priest became sick and, thankfully, Dantes saved him

Faria eventually died from this sickness but Dantes never left his side

Before Faria died he told Dantes about a secret treasure on Monte Cristo that was now Edmond’s

However, Edmond escaped prison by hiding in the bag his friend was supposed to be tossed out to sea in

When he escaped he had to swim to the nearest island

He found the cave as Faria said with all an abundance of diamonds

But he knew he was a wanted man

Edmond figured out that his friends: Danglars, Fernand( how had a fancy for Mercedes), and Villefort were responsible for him being in prison for 14 years

He swore vengeance on them

To be continued…

– Dark Gray Peacoat, Navy Blue Dress, and Gold Glittery Pumps

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