Count of Monte Cristo Episode 2: DISNEY-IFIED

This is our second episode of Count of Monte Cristo: Disney-ified. We are picking up the story right where we left off; when Dantes found out his so-called “friends.” This episode is approximately chapters 16-24. As always please give feedback and hope you enjoy! Thank you.

1. Dantes returns to Marseilles disguised as a priest.

2.  As the priest, Abbe Busoni, he talks to Caderousse about his conspirators.

3. Among other things he finds out that his conspirators are rich and live in Paris.

4. Also that Mercedes ended up marrying Fernand.

5. Abbe Busoni gives Caderousse a large diamond for this information.

6. Morrel(the man Dantes used to work for) is in debt.

7. Dantes pays off his debt disguised as a person from the firm Thomson and French.

8. Also a new Pharaon(A ship that belonged to Morrel that he had been depending on to pay off his debts) comes into port when the original was destroyed at sea.

9. In Rome, The Count of Monte Cristo( Dantes) and two men, Franz d’Epinay and Albert de Morcerf become friends when the count lent them a carriage.

10. The count takes them to a execution where it turns out the count had paid the pope off to pardon one of the men.

11. After this the count lends his carriage to the two men for the duration of a carnival in Rome.

12. During this carnival Albert comes to fancy a women.

13. But it turns out it is a trap of the famous Bandit Luigi Vampa.

14. Franz calls on the count to help save Albert, because Franz does not have all the money to save him.

15. The count goes to save Albert with Franz and it turns out that Luigi and the count know each other.

16. And they have a deal: Luigi can not harm the count or any of his friends as the count could turn him over.

17. Albert is let go. All the count asks for in return is that Albert introduces the count to French society(where Albert is from) when the count goes in three months.

20.  In exactly three months the count comes to Alberts house in France and has lunch with him and some of his friends.

21. The count then goes to his house in the neighborhood of Autil.

22. He found out that a horrible thing had happened there from his servant Bertuccio.

23. The house had previously been owned by Saint- Meran, who was Villefort’s father in-law.

24. Bertuccio’s brother had been killed and Villefort would not help him find the man that did it.

25. Because of this Bertuccio swore that he would kill Villefort.

26. Bertuccio followed Villefort to the the exact house that the count had just bought.

27. One night he saw Villefort come out into the courtyard with a mysterious box.

28. When Villefort was done, Bertuccio jumped out of a tree and stabbed him.

29. Thinking he was dead, Bertuccio ran off with the box; thinking that it was treasure.

30. Bertuccio stopped to open up the box. Inside was a newborn child that was near death!

31. Bertuccio was amazed, but got a grip and breathed life into the child.

32. He then went and left the child on an orphanages front steps, knocked on the door, and ran away.

To be continued…

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