The Count of Monte Cristo: Disney-ified Episode 3

As always we are picking this episode up right where the other one left off; when we find out that Bertuccio put the baby on the front steps of an orphanage and ran off. As always please give feedback and hope you enjoy. Thanks!

1. Bertuccio went back to his job of smuggling to provide for his sister-inlaw, since his brother had died.

2. When Bertuccio came back, his sister-in-law, Assunta, had gone to get the baby he had left at the orphanage.

3. At the age of eleven Benedetto, the baby, was a bad kid and seemed to be stealing jewels from his “parents”.

4. Bertuccio went on another smuggling expedition and on this expedition it seemed they were going to be caught.

5. Bertuccio ran for safety to his friends inn. His friend so happened to be none other than Gaspard Caderousse.

6. When he was there he saw Caderousse selling a diamond worth 45 thousand francs.

7. There was a storm that night so the person that bought the diamond decided to stay at the inn.

8. During the night Bertuccio was awakened by a gun shot and a loud shriek.

9. Bertuccio ran out of his hiding spot to find the buyer of the diamond dying, and Gaspard Caderousse’s wife dead.

10. He then saw Caderousse get the diamond and the money for the diamond and run away.

11. A few moments later custom agents and genderarms were there and with nobody around but the dead bodies and Bertuccio, they assumed he killed them.

12. Bertuccio told the judge about Abbe Busoni, who he heard had sold the diamond to Caderousse. He hoped this would prove his innocence.

13. Abbe Busoni showed up at the last moment and told the story just as Bertuccio had told it. Bertuccio was set free and Caderousse was sentenced to a life of hard labor.

14. Bertuccio returned to his home to find that his sister-in-law had died and Benedetto had run off, his neighbors told him how.

15. Assunta had refused to give Benedetto money, so him and his friends put her feet over a fire to get her to tell them where the money was.

16. Her clothes caught on fire and she ended up burning to death and Benedetto ran off with the money from the house.

17. The next day, two English horses stopped in front of the count’s house. The count liked these horses so he sent Bertuccio to buy them.

18. The count then went to the Baron Danglars house to open a unlimited credit at his bank. While he was there it was discovered that the two horses he had bought perviously that day had belonged to Madame Danglars.

19. The count’s aim was to disturb the peace in the Danglars house, and then win their gratitude in one move.

19. These horses were Madame Danglars prized possession and she wanted them back. The Count complied and immediately gave her back her horses.

20. The next day a carriage came by the counts house drawn by the same two horses, but contrary to their normal behavior they were acting crazy and were going to crash.

21. But the count new this was going to happen and his servant, Ali, was already set up to stop the horses and save the poeple in the carriage.

To be continued…

-Dark Gray Pea Coat, Navy Blue Dress, and Gold Glitter Pumps


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