The Count of Monte Cristo: Disney-ified Episode 4

As always we are picking up where we left off on the previous episode. At the end of the last episode there were two crazy horses going by the Count of Monte Cristo’s house, but he knew about this and had Ali, the Count of Monte Cristo’s slave, set up to save the people in the carriage. Please leave comments and like this if you enjoy. Thanks you and hope you enjoy!

1. The people in the carriage turned out to be none other than Madame de Villefort and her son Edouard who were borrowing Madame Danglars horses.

2. From the speed of the horses Edouard fainted.

3. The Count of Monte Cristo gave him something to revive him.

4. They then went back on their way full of hearts of gratitude towards the Count of Monte Cristo.

5. Monsieur de Villefort later that day went to the Count of Monte Cristo’s house to thank him for what he had done.

6. The Count of Monte Cristo told him that his visit was worthless and that Villefort is anything but prodigal.

7. Villefort was astonished by this and left as soon as possible.

8. To calm himself down, the Count of Monte Cristo went to go see his mistress, Haydee.

9. When the Count of Monte Cristo arrived he asked to see if he had permission to see Haydee.

10. Haydee agreed, though she was astonished, because technically she was the Count of Monte Cristo’s slave.

11. The Count explained to her that they were in France now, and therefore she was free to do what she wanted.

12. He did ask her, though to never say anything about her past or parents.

13. She told him that she would see no one.

14. She told the Count that she loved him, but he said it was like a love to one’s father.

15. She said it was more than that, though he still did not fully believe it.

16. The Count then went to Maximilien’s house to be introduced to Maximilien’s family.

17. Julie, Maximilien’s sister told the count the story of how her family suffered and then was saved by and “angel” as she says.

18. Little did they know though the one who had saved them was sitting right there in front of them, the Count of Monte Cristo.

19.  The Count of Monte Cristo then went to the Villefort residence to repay the visit of Monsieur de Villefort.

20. Monsieur de Villefort was not there, but his wife was; so the Count talked to her.

21. Madame de Villefort called on Valentine, her step daughter, to come. When she stepped into the room the Count seemed to think he had seen the two of them before.

22. In fact he had. It had been in Perugia at the time of a festival, when they had been waiting for a carriage.

23. Valentine then left to care for her grandfather, Monsieur Noirtier, who could neither talk nor move.

24. The Count, because Madame de Villefort had seemed interested then told her how he had accustomed himself to a poison. By drinking a little more each day so he would not be harmed by a normal douse that would kill someone.

25. The Count gave her a poison that in small douses could cure fainting that she said often happened to her, but in large douses could kill someone.

To be continued…

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