Eating your way through Friendships

In class on Wednesday the 15th our English teacher was awesome (not that he’s not awesome the rest of the time) and brought our whole class food. We chose things like twisted doughnuts (which I found out weren’t sweet), sticky rice, pot stickers (My favorite!- Navy Blue Dress), and egg pancakes (which turned out to be basically omelets).

It was really fun to try all this stuff and to be able to share it with our friends but it also got us thinking. Now you might be saying to yourself “What in the world could eating food with your fiends get you to think about?”

Well, have you ever thought how food brings people together? I find this amazingly true because its not something super active where your not able to talk to the people your around and its also not just sitting around watching a movie where you can’t talk. Now I’m not saying that exercise and movies are bad. I love sports and I have a huge list of movies that I love, but sometimes its nice to be able to just sit around a table eat some food and talk to your friends.

Also we are reading Animal Farm in our English class and we started thinking what food meant to the characters. We realized that it meant a lot to them. Before the overthrow of Manor Farm the animals only got enough food that would sustain them to work. Also all the products they made were taken from them and the humans ate them. Right after the revolution the animals were happy because they were able to have more food than they ever imagined and they were able to eat or do what they please with what they produced. When the pigs started working the animals harder and harder, feeding time was the only time the animals had to relax. Later in the book when the pigs were taking over even more of the farm the rations were being reduced more and more. They were getting even less food than they had when the humans were in charge. Food was a  huge deal to the animals and understandably so. We all need food to live. To humans, though, I think we eat it for more than just to keep us alive. We eat as a way of socializing, getting over things, stress, you name it and somebody probably etas because of it. In the way of socializing there is even this group of teachers at my school where about once a week one of them cooks/buys (depending on time, cooking ability, etc.) for the other members of the group and they rotate to a different person every time. Personally I would love to be a part of a group like this because I love food but it goes beyond that because they have something to talk about with this food and are able to form stronger bonds by being with each other even though some of them might only do it for the food. So this is what we thought of as we ate our amazingly delicious food and talked with each other. All in all I love food!

-Dark Gray Peacoat, Navy Blue Dress, and Gold Glitter Pumps


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