What you didn’t realize about Animal Farm and What People Take for Granted

As mentioned before, I have been reading Animal Farm. I have read this book before and the first time I read it I was just trying to read it as fast as possible to get through with it and I found the book to be good for a book I had to read for school, but I would not read it on my own. Now I’m not saying that I would go now and pick it up off a shelf to read in my free time, but I realized a little bit more reading it the second time around.

When the book begins, the animals aren’t exactly happy with their lives; so they revolt to be able to make their lives better. They come to realize though, that there lives got anything but better. The pigs took control and ended up treating them worse than the humans did. If the pigs could have got things done without the other animals, I’m sure they would have had the animals killed just so they could have more food for themselves and no complaining.

With all this in mind I realized how much the animals took for granted when the humans were in charge. They all had food, they weren’t worked to death as boxer was when the pigs in charge, they weren’t told what they could sing, they weren’t told what they could wear, etc. All of this got me thinking of what I take for granted. I know that we all hear things like: “There are starving kids in Africa” and “Those people there have no water and the bare minimum of food” to get us to feel bad or donate or things along those line. the difference with this is that this book wasn’t trying to do that and still I thought what would happen if everything I have was taken away? Honestly, I don’t think I would do well without most of my electronics for a long period of time and I am ashamed to say that.

When asked what you couldn’t live without, that’s not family, most people say things like: My pet, my phone, my computer, etc. When in reality the basic things you need to survive are food, water, and shelter. Most other things that we have are comforts we could live without. I’m not saying that we should all give up clothes and walk around in our birthday suits, but technically they are not a necessity we need in order to live.  So as I look around and see how many things I have to be grateful for, the most important one that I see is my family and I don’t think I could live without them.

Reading this book a second time brought some things to light for me and I’m really glad it did. I hope this helped at least one person realize what they have in their life and to hold on to it, because one moment it could be in our tightest grip and the next moment it could all be gone.

-Dark Gray Peacoat, Navy Blue Dress, and Gold Glitter Pumps


2 thoughts on “What you didn’t realize about Animal Farm and What People Take for Granted

  1. yea the movies was something else, the pigs kept changing the rules, poor boxer was brainwashed into believing he had to push hard to accomplish building a useless windmill, they spent more time listening to the pigs then in critical thinking, sad that people aer like that too. in fact the pigs became corrupt once they achieve power over the others, so basically the moral of the story is you cannot trust anyone in power as it is corrupting no matter who you are.

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