Our Last

In our English class, we are currently reading  a 115 page masterpiece: Night by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weisel. His book is about the three years he spent in concentration camps during World War 2. Elie Weisel’s journey encountered many things for the last time; this past year we have encountered many things for last time. Though ours our undoubtedly less severe than his they still have a big impact on us. Here we will show you the journey.

His last bed.

His last peaceful sleep.

His last time with Moishe the Beadle

His last sight of his home.

His last time in Sighet.

His last time in Hungary.

His last time with his friends.

His last meal with his family.

His last sight of his mother.

His last sight of his sister.

His last smile.

His last time with his father.

His last words with his father, ” Don’t drink the water, eat the soup.”

His fathers last words, his name, “Eliazal.”

His last time at the concentration camp.

His last time in a cattle car.

His last time being forced to run for hours.

His last time seeing people brutally tortured.

His last time seeing people die.

His last time seeing the dead.

His last time hearing gunshots.

His last time smelling burned flesh.

His last time hearing the screams of his fellow camp mates.

His last time hearing the officers yelling at them.

His last hunger.

His last sight of an SS officer.

Our last book.

Our last tes.

Our last time being fifteen, going on sixteen.

Our last time not being able to work or drive.

Our last time losing at the Bell Game.

Our last time losing at the Baron Games.

Our last time doing the Harlem Shake as a school.

Our last time having the lockers we have this year.

Our last time with the seniors, soon to be freshman again.

Our last time in Spanish 2.

Our last time in Mr.  David Theriault’s English Honors 2 Class.

Our last time in room 130.

Our last time being a sophomore.

Our last blog post.

This whole experience of having a blog has been extremely amazing. Though this is our last assigned blog post I(Navy BLue Dress) know that I will be coming back and posting on here. We have all enjoyed having this blog and sharing it with all of you. The first time somebody commented on one of our posts we were jumping off the walls with excitement. Whenever someone likes our posts it makes us feel like we did well and that others can see that too. All the days we get views on this blog makes us smile to know that people are coming here and taking time to look at all of these things. I know I(Navy Blue Dress again =D) get super excited when I see that someone from a different country has found our blog and sometimes even follows it. For all of this we wanted to say thank you. You have been the ones to follow our blog, to recommend it, to view it and think it was good enough to go back to, to like the posts, and to comment on them. All of that has made this blog amazing and for that we say thank you.

– Dark Gray Peacoat, Gold Glitter Pumps, Navy Blue Dress

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