A Love Story

Hi guys, so I wrote this story for my friend who really likes One Direction. Even if you don’t like them please read this =). I really enjoy creative writing and it would be really nice if any of you would give any feedback on this story. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

It had been a terrible day and you were walking home from school with your best friend, but neither of you were talking much, because you both knew you could crack at any moment. It started snowing, which was weird because it never snowed where you live. You loved snow just not in the mood you were in.
“Hey, you mind if i go run a head; I love the snow?” your friend Kaitlynn asked.
You didn’t want to be unfair to her so you told her that you didn’t mind. She ran off into the snow the fastest you had ever seen her run. It started getting dark out and with the snow that you weren’t used to, you wanted to get home as quickly as possible. Soon the street lamps were on; you couldn’t figure out what was going on, it wasn’t supposed to get dark this early. In the next moment you saw a lot of things at once: a pair of headlights going the wrong way on the road, the car the headlights belong to hitting ice and coming straight towards you, and then 5 heads above you.


You woke up, but didn’t open your eyes, you just listened to the voices around you.
“She has been out for three days, you said she would wake up two days ago!” You recognized this voice as or mothers….Wait! had she just said you had been out for three days! So the crash wasn’t just a dream.
“It’s all our fault, if we hadn’t been distracting to the driver this never would have happened.” said a voice that you didn’t recognize. Who was this person?
“Yeah” said four more voices simultaneously, you didn’t recognize any of them. Who were these people?
“It’s not your fault, it was dark and snowing, anything could have happened.” Finally another voice you knew, this was Kaitlynn.
You decided it was time to open your eyes. Time to meet the world, you thought sarcastically in your head.
You opened your eyes and saw you were in a hospital with eight people: your mother, Kaitlynn, a doctor, and five people who were………….NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaitlynn was trying to stifle a laugh, and you noticed why, your eyes were bulging and your mouth was hanging open. You turned to her, you didn’t have to say your question out loud, she knew what you were think and she just made a slight nod that nobody else would notice.
The five other people were One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your mind was going crazy with thoughts: were those the five heads you saw above you before you blacked out?, why were they here, why wasn’t Kaitlynn freaking out( you guys were major fans)? You decided to start with the simple things.
“Uh…..hi?” it came out more of a question than a statement.
” Oh, darling! Are you alright? How are you feeling? Does it hurt? Don’t worry we are trying to get you out of here.” Your mother said as she rushed over to you. She was almost more overwhelming than waking up to being in a hospital.
“Mom, I’m fine, really.” you assured her. She just nodded with a worried expression.
“Uh……Hi”, a curly haired boy said to you and you realized he was the one that had spoken earlier also. You recognized him as Harry.You really had a weak spot for Harry out of all the boys It took you a second to wrap your mind around the fact that Harry Styles was talking to you.
“Hi” you said sheepishly.
“I’m really sorry, our driver lost control of the road and we were distracting him….it’s all our fault.” Harry said as the others behind him nodded.
You made a mental note in your head that Kaitlynn was sitting with Niall on one side of her and Louis on the next, her dream; and she couldn’t stop smiling.
“Look it’s ok, really, i feel fine; no harm no foul” you said. How could you be angry at these beautiful faces?
At that moment the doctor walked in again, you hadn’t even noticed he had left.
You nodded
“You are free to go, but i want you to come straight back here if you feel anything out of the ordinary.”
You jumped straight off the bed almost bolting for the door.
“Umm…..Marisa” Kaitlynn said.
You might want to go to the bathroom” she said, again trying to stifle a laugh.
“Wh..” you began, but then you looked down. You were those hospital gowns that are open in the back. You looked up feeling your face go red, but all the boys had looked down.
“Don’t worry we didn’t see anything, just go into the bathroom, your stuff is there.” Zayn said. Zayn just talked to me! You felt light headed but not because of anything to do with the crash. You smiled at his black head then realized he couldn’t see you and rushed into the bathroom.
“Your good, she’s gone” you hear Kaitlynn say through the door.
You dressed as quickly as possible and you were all out of the hospital and headed to your house in ten minutes.
All of the boys kept apologizing, and by this point it was almost getting annoying.
“Really you guys it fine, but if you keep apologizing i can take all of that back and just be mad at you.” you said with a smirk.
“Nope nope, were good now right lads?” Louis said while the others nodded. Eep! Louis! You tried to tell your self to not freak out each time one of them talked to you, but it was so hard. You noticed Louis was still sitting next to Kaitlynn with Niall on the other side of her. Kaitlynn had always had a soft spot for those two. Louis with his stylish quiff and ways that could make you laugh at any time and Niall with his blond luscious hair and adorable personality.  What happened while you were out? You would have to get the details later.
“Fine, but at least let us take you to dinner, it’s the least we could do?” Harry asked. He looked at you and you lost everything you had been thinking just by looking into his eyes.
“Oh, fine” you said trying not to give yourself away, but Kaitlynn turned around one eyebrow raised. Only she could notice the slight difference in your voice. You smiled slightly at her trying to make it discrete.
“Aw, we would love to, but we promised Kaitlynn a game of Monopoly.” Niall said with true guilt in his voice.
“How about Harry and Marisa go and i kick the rest of your guys buts at Monopoly?” Kaitlynn said, and now it was time that I read her voice. She had planed this so that me and Harry could be alone, she knew he was my favorite. I love her.
“Ok, that sounds good. Wear something nice Marisa, we are gonna go somewhere fancy.” He said with a slight smile creeping onto his lips.
I couldn’t help smiling back, he was just so amazing. I noticed my mom looking back at me through the mirror and had one eyebrow raised. She was skeptical about me going with Harry, but wasn’t going to say anything, she knew it meant to much to me.
When we got home Kaitlynn and I ran up to my room. We plopped down on my bed( which was covered in Kaitlynn’s things. Apparently her and the boys had been staying here) and talked.
“So…whats up with you, Niall, and Louis?” I said with eyes that pleaded for a answer.
“I’ll tell you later. Right now we have to get you ready for Harry!” as she said this butterflies came to my stomach.
“Ok” i wanted to say more, but thats all I could get out of my mouth.
“I already know what dress I want you to wear” She said with a mischievous smile.
“Don’t I get a say?”
“Nope, cause you will love the one i chose.”
She pulled out a elegant silver dress that managed to look light blue in some lights.
“I don’t own that dress” I said in awe.
“Now you do. I bought it for you while you were out.” She said. She really was my best friend.
“Thank you” I knew the gesture deserved more but i didn’t know what else to say; and I knew she got what i was trying to say.
She handed me the dress and I went to the bathroom to pull it on. It looked amazing on me, it didn’t matter if it was silver, blue, or mixed. This dress must have cost a fortune. You stepped out into your bedroom and Kaitlynn gasped. You smiled at her expression. She helped you with your hair and make up, but neither of you talked, both lost in your own thoughts. When you were finished you stood up and looked in the mirror.
You smiled, even you couldn’t deny that you looked amazing.
“Thank you” you said. She smiled.
“Good luck”
You started to walk to the door, you turned around once and then ran to the living room where Harry was waiting.
Was it possible that he got even more handsome?
He was wearing a button down shirt, untucked with a tux coat and some nice kaki pants.
“Wow” Harry said amazed. You just smiled.
“Well, are you ready princess? Your chariot awaits.” you giggled but played along.
“Yes, I am ready fine sir.” he smiled and grabbed your arm as you two walked out.
There was a limo waiting out side for you guys. He went to the side and opened up the door for you, you went up to it but hesitated.
“You really didn’t have to do all this you know?” you said, now you were feeling guilty.
He just smiled and said “I know, but you are special and deserve the best.” There was that smile again, it made you want to melt and what he said made even more butterflies come to your stomach.
On the way to the restaurant you guys talked about trivial things. You found out so much about him and about his life. When you got to the restaurant it was amazing just like he promised. You guys sat and continued to talk. Time seemed to fly with him and soon you were leaving the restaurant, you barely even remembered eating. As you were walking out the door he grabbed your hand and it felt like a electric shock went up your arm.
He hesitated then said ” Marisa…. The lads and I have to leave tomorrow, we are starting a tour and….”
“Yes?” What was he getting to?
“Well, I know I’ve only known you for a short period of time but I feel something between us and I don’t want to let it go. You are really special and I don’t want to lose you so I was wondering, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?”
For a minute you were just stunned trying to tell yourself you heard him right.
“Of Course!” you said with the biggest grin on your face.
You jumped in his arms and he caught you in the coziest, best hug ever and right there you he gently put his lips to yours. As you stood their in his warm hold you thought: Kiss number 1.

– Navy Blue Dress

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