Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself with Zero Drafting

Hello everybody.  As you may have noticed, or not, there haven’t been posts lately but there will be again shortly because we have more stuff to write about since school has started again.  I posted this video for a reason, which would be unknown to you without further reading this.

In my english class this year my teacher is having us do these things called “zero drafts”.  I used to do them in middle school too.  The basic idea is they give you a prompt, to use or not, and you have to write about either the prompt or anything else for the allotted time.  My teacher gives us eight minutes but I would really appreciate more especially since I like it more than doing writing for reports or what have you.  It’s the only time that I find writing fun.

This video is a real ad from Coca Cola that I found on Youtube.  I thought this video was so cool when I watched it.  I hope it shows, not only how important it is to be healthy, but that even if you’re a soda company you can still raise awareness about health or anything else for that matter.

What does this have anything to do with zero drafting?  Well I like zero drafting for the sole reason that I can write out my feelings, emotions, ideas, and whatever else I want and I will have them forever and don’t have to worry about forgetting them.  So what if someone was to read my ideas, feelings, and other things and do something about them?  Or what if I was to do something about them.  Well, I plan to with this post.  Hopefully you see that.

The power that we have on other people is incredibly powerful.  If I were to tell you that eating bananas, or some other crazy food, once a day will make you lose ten pounds in two weeks, you would probably try it wouldn’t you?  Well that is the idea behind advertising because their whole mission is to persuade you to buy whatever they are selling that you apparently “need”.  Instead of doing this to make money what if we did this for each other about the truth and to help one another instead of make a profit?  The world would be a whole different place and before I go all hypothetical and physiological on you I’ll just get to the point.  The point being that instead of ignoring the problems we know we have or denying their existence entirely as they just get worse we need to try and fix them.  Whether it’s in you own everyday lives, talking to a friend about it, or if a company makes a commercial on the awareness of obesity in humans, it all makes a difference!  You have to start with baby steps before you can take the big ones and it is always worth it to try because you never know what could happen.  Take you ideas and shine them in a positive light for other people to be encouraged and led by.  Don’t just sit there after doing a zero draft and think, “Wow, that is a really good idea I just had.  Well, good thing I wrote it down.”  The whole point of a zero draft is to get your ideas out and then DO something about them.  Not to just sit there staring at the page thinking highly of yourself while you haven’t done anything to start that idea going.

So, in short:

Don’t let other people’s opinions distort your reality.

Be true to yourself.

Be bold in pursuing your dreams.

and most of all,

Be unapologetically you!

– Gold Glitter Pumps

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