Hi everyone!

So in English we did this thing where we read a tiny bit of a story. The thing was it was broken up into separate lines and you looked at them one by one in order. We would annotate on the line we saw and add on to the annotations from the last lines the more we learned from the text. Now this might sound a little confusing so I am going to demonstrate(Try not to skip ahead in the story):

Line from story: Rex was out of time.

Annotations: Why was he out of time? Was his life ending? Why was it ending?

line from story: He had finished his last meal.

Annotations: Definitely sounds like he is dying.

Line from story: Now he would take the long walk.

Annotations: Was he going to die at the end of the long walk? What was waiting for him at the end?

Line from story: Waiting for him at the end, would be his bride.

Annotations: Hahahahahahaha. Doesn’t sound like he likes his soon to be wife.

Now, just like my teacher said, when reading novels you shouldn’t read this slow. It is a practice to show you how your mind works when you are reading and to get you to think about the parts of a novel more.

If you are interested this story was taken from this twitter account: @VeryShortStory

-Navy Blue Dress

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