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Hi everyone! As I am pretty sure Gold Glitter Pumps has told you, in our English class we are doing DIY projects. For mine, I have almost decided what I am going to do.

Ok, so a lot of the times when I start reading a book later on a find out that it is going t be turned into a movie. When I first find this out I am extremely excited. I can’t wait to see the story brought to life. But there is also always a part of me that is scared and doesn’t want it being turned into a movie. I know that there will be things that don’t follow the story at all, ruin a scene for me, or that the people they choose for the characters are all wrong. Of course I go and see the movie anyway, because I love the book and am obsessed with the story and no matter what the book and movie will have a special place in my heart. Though after every movie I see that was originally a book, there is at least one week of me being completely upset( and everyone around me knowing it) at things the movie didn’t do correctly. And yes I do understand that when you film a movie from a book somethings will be different or not even in the movie because it is hard to transfer to the screen or they don’t have enough money, but most of the stuff that I complain about is stuff that I don’t think would be that hard to change (take out a scene and put in another one, add a couple scenes, choose different people for the characters, outfits some characters wear(yes, in some stories that is very important), etc.).

All that being said what my idea for this DIY project is to take a book that has already been made into a movie and is well known ( I was thinking The Hunger Games) and to film a couple scenes myself how I felt they should be filmed. At first I was thinking that I would do a trailer for the movie, but I don’t think that would capture the point I am trying to make. I would most likely do scenes that I don’t think they did right in the movie or scenes that I think they should have added to the movie.

My other idea was to get items from swap meets and garage sales and that sort of thing and to make them into something totally different but something that I need/want. For example right now I really want more bookshelves in my room because I have started to stack them…again. Its really hard to find bookshelves that match my room and at least almost match the bookshelves I already have so that is why I thought of making my own. I do like this idea but I think that I like the other one even more. Please tell me what you think.

Please give me feedback on what you think about this idea. Praise and criticism are welcome.

-Navy Blue Dress

P.S. Do you like the decorations for Halloween? We were thinking that we would try to change up the backgrounds for the whole month that some holidays are in. The background will go back to the teal with balloons on months that don’t have holidays.

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