A Story in 6 Words

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?

Last week in class we did six word stories. Now because we just finished The Scarlet Letter we did it concerning that. I think I am getting a little ahead of myself…I should explain what a six word story is. Well…it’s exactly what it says. Though it would be kind of pointless to just put “I went to the grocery store” as your story. You have to try to pull out emotions from people. It all started by someone challenging Ernest Hemingway to write a story in six words. This is what he came up with:

Some say that this short story was his best work. For me it’s so sad, because why would someone have baby shoes that would never have been worn? What happened to the baby? I don’t even want to think about that.

Ok! Now that you know what a six word story is we can get back to what I was saying. So..Scarlet Letter…six word story in class. Caught up? Awesome!

So here were the four stories I came up with for the Scarlet Letter:

1) Pain in heart, no one sees.

2) Revenge for the long forgotten one. (This one is my favorite!!!)

3) A hidden symbol causes much pain.

4) The little child no one sees.

Gold Glitter Pumps came up with these ones for The Scarlet Letter:

1) Guilt or shame, which is worse?

2) She still eventually threw me away.

3) Make the most of every situation.

4) Husband, Scholar, Liar, Plotter, Torturer.

Of course you make a six word story anytime. It doesn’t just have to be concerning a book. What are some six word stories you can think of? Can they evoke as much emotions as Ernest Hemingway’s? As always feedback is welcomed and encouraged! Hope everybody is having a great day!

-Navy Blue Dress

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