The Ghosts You’re Living With Are Real

I’m here again to talk about something that happened this week in class.  My teacher wasn’t there on Thursday, but we had a article or something to read.  I was bored and dreading having to read it, but it had an interesting title : Living with Ghosts.  Yes, it is interesting how my teacher gave us this on Halloween, but more to the point.  As I was reading the story, Ig to more and more into and would anticipate what was going to be written next.  Needless to say, it was about how the people that have died, recently or long ago, are still with us every day.  And don’t go crazy thinking that I’m now going to ramble about religion, or whatever else, but I’m not.  That’s not what it was about at all.

This man remembered his grandfather, his smell, the cigars, and scotch.  Now that he was gone, the man had been unnoticeably influenced by him until now.  He realized that he came to drink the same way, with class and dignity but with a good ability to drink behind it.  And he specifically noted that his purposes for mentioning the loss of a family member was not to make the reader pity him or go easy on him when reviewing his work, but rather, to show a point.

Take his sister for example, who had also died, but very recently.  He had always called her when he was in an emotional state and needed her help and they would always be there for each other.  They used to call once a month since she lived out of state.  Now that he was gone, he realized that when he had the inclinations to call her and tell her what was happening at that moment or what had happened a few days ago, she wouldn’t be there on the other line to talk him through it anymore.  She had practically raised him and his other siblings when they were younger too.  He remembered her through the pictures he had on the fridge.  From her birth, to the first kiss, her graduation, and the wedding day.  She lived through his memories that he had of her, the love that they had shared together, and all of the things left to show of her.  He didn’t know how other people were dealing with her passing, and, frankly, he didn’t care, all he cared about was the ongoing relationship he was sharing with her.  This isn’t a creepy thing or a paranormal activity thing either where he would leave the room and something would be following him.  Nor is it a schizophrenic thing either where he thinks that he’s still talking to her but he’s the only one that can see her because she isn’t really there.  He would think of her at times and when he would need her to help him through something, he realized that she had never really left him, not really, and he was growing because of this.  He realized that the part of her from memory and knowing that she was watching over him helped him get through the tough times.  He could picture how she used to hug him and comfort him and would know just what she would say if she were here today.

This idea boggled my mind.  Thankfully, I have never had anyone I loved deeply, or even knew remotely, die.  I thank God every day that I’m so blessed, but I hope that this makes you think, helps you deal with the pain, or a recent or long time loss.  No one can ever replace them but maybe what you need to see is that they couldn’t be replaced, because they are still there.  Living among you in the habits that they left behind in people, the memories, the love they shared with you, and especially the way that they seem to stay alive just by the love from the people they left behind besides you.


We never lose our loved ones.

They accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives.

We are merely in different rooms.

-Gold Glitter Pumps

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