Which is Worse?


Hi everyone! How are you?

Okay, so after I read the Scarlet Letter in class, I had to write a essay( by the way, this is totally off topic, when my dad was younger he thought essay was like “S.A” and stood for something but was too embarrassed to ask. Just thought that was kind of funny). We were basically given this review from a guy named Arthur Cleveland Coxe (if you want to read it, it is from “The Writings of Hawthorne,” Church Review, 1851, no. 3, pp. 489-511). We were supposed to take one of his claims and disagree, agree, or qualify( not totally agree but not totally disagree) and use quotes from the Scarlet Letter and Coxe to back you up. The claim I chose was “The sin of her seducer too, seems to be considered as lying not so much in the deed itself, as in his long concealment of it.” I agreed that the Dimmesdale’s sin seemed to be more that he hid what he did, than what he actually did. Do you think this is true in real life too? I’m not really sure, because if you hadn’t sinned in the first place then you wouldn’t have to hide anything. I think this is a really interesting point but this also brings out a lot of someones moral points. What do you think?

-Navy Blue Dress

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One thought on “Which is Worse?

  1. I think the committing of a sin outweighs the concealment of it, but the concealment also might outweigh the actual sin. There would be nothing to hide if the sin was never executed. However, it’s like lying to your parents. The longer you keep the lie going, more and more lies may build up. When the truth finally comes out to your parents, the end result is much more severe than if you admitted to your wrongdoing in the beginning. Dimmesdale continued to seem as a pastor who was “perfect” in the manner that he never sinned. However, the countless number of people he deceived only created more sin–the sin of lying.

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