Progress on Project #1



I know that at first I said that I was doing the “Books to Movies” thing but Gold Glitter Pumps and I realized that with both of us doing separate projects we were still helping each other out a ton! So what we decided to do was we would both work on gold Glitter Pump’s idea together (if you are not sure what it is we have a page about it on this blog. It is at the top and called Eat to Cure. Go check it out). So far we have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Pinterest account, and a page on this blog for the event. We are both really excited about this and really looking forward to it. The one thing I am scared about though, is that no one will show up. But you know what? When things like that happen we have to be able to pick our selves up fast and be able to improvise to still get what we need to get done. In light of that, Gold Glitter Pump and I have agreed that if no one shows up we will be making food and selling it and still giving all the profits to Trekstock. I am really hoping this all works out.

Please go check out all the stuff we have up and find out what this is all about. If you have anything to say about this we would love to hear it. Thank you so much!

-Navy Blue Dress


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