A Blog?


Hello! and how is everyone?

Right now I really wanted to talk about why I have a blog. As you might have been able to tell, we (Gold Glitter Pumps, Dark Gray Peacoat(last year), and I) had to start this as a English assignment…and it ended up that Gold Glitter Pump’s and my English teacher this year wanted us to have a blog too. (Sorry if that was all really confusing. We try really to use those names but it is difficult sometimes.) Last year, especially near the end, it started becoming a drag having to get a post out once a week that was always 500+ words and that it has to be thought of in a different way, but honestly I was really excited when my teacher said that we were doing a blog.

Over the summer I was the only one that was continuing the blog (nothing bad meant to the others) and I did that because I wanted to. If you noticed it was more personal things and more well, uneducational things that were posted during the summer.

Now that I am doing this blog once a week again, I realize how much I enjoy doing it. I love writing, I always have and so to be able to write every week and not just on some book we read or something like that is really cool, well at least to me. Also, I am able to put what I think on here. I was never able to keep a diary as a kid no matter how much I wanted to (and believe me I wanted to) so having a blog is almost the same thing to me. I love knowing that people are reading what I say and maybe just maybe I might change somebody’s way of thought, for the better. You don’t know how excited I get even if we only have a small amount of views, I just love seeing that people are looking. When I go and see the countries we have reached it is amazing I just don’t know how to react. I really like when I see that people have come to our blog from somewhere else, because to me that is saying that our blog seemed interesting enough just from a little blurb to see more. And the thing that excites me the most is when people like and comment on my posts. It make me feel so special to know that you took the time to read and to reply or even press the like button.

So yeah, that’s why I have a blog and I know that I would never have had a blog if I hadn’t been assigned it last year, so I am extremely glad I was assigned it (did I just say I was glad I was assigned homework? Wow that’s weird).I think that if any of you feel this way towards anything, then you should do it. If it makes you feel happy then go for it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

-Navy Blue Dress

One thought on “A Blog?

  1. Your reasons for blogging are great! and in a way you added some humor to your writing, which made the reading a lot more enjoyable and easy to read. I love writing too! I think that this blogging assignment is a great way to share with everyone why we do the things we do, our thoughts, and what we love to do. In a way its like a virtual journal where you can share your knowledge with those around you!

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