Progress #3


Hello people of internet land! How is everyone? Good? Good! If your not doing good then you should grab a warm blanket a cup of hot coco and your favorite movie =)

Anyway this post is about the progress of Gold Glitter Pump’s and mine project. Sadly, our project isn’t turning out to what we expected. We  had the google doc up and made posters but people just weren’t signing up for the food competition. It was really sad, we had gotten so excited and then it didn’t happen. But have no fear! We have come up with a new idea. We are going to make food and sell it and all the proceeds are still going to Trekstock. I will try to post pictures and recipes. Maybe you could tell me what your favorite baked goods are? Here are some of mine:

1. Fudge

2. Banana Bread

3. Cookies

4. Brownies (not too rich)

-Navy Blue Dress

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