21 Things that will be gone in our schools in the next 10 years


First of all as always, how is everyone? Hope you are doing well. Are you all excited about Christmas? I know I am!


Ok so I found this article and it is just so interesting. Some things I am ready to be out of school, others, well can we just hang on to them for a bit longer. Like how they say that paperback books will be gone and it will all be digital. Look I have nothing against using your little iPads for games and music and such but there is a reason that books have lasted in the form that they have for so long: they work. And another thing, I love the smell of books and being able to tell how far I am by how thick the pages are, not a little bar that tells me how much I have read. So to say in the least I will be fighting that one tooth and nail.

Also I do not agree with taking Algebra 1 out of high school, and this is coming from someone who took Geometry in freshman year, so I never took Algebra 1 in high school. Some kids just aren’t ready for Geometry in their freshman year, there’s nothing wrong with that, just let it be.

Yay for no homework! I have yet to meet a kid that says they like homework. This article says I should learn more of what I want to learn and have no homework? I am on board!

I am perfectly fine with having no AP tests and no SATs. Ugh, they are so stressful. I am taking 2 AP classes this year, and wow they are stressful, but I do like that if I pass, I don’t have to take that class in college. Digital portfolio it is.

No lockers?! Where am I supposed to put all my stuff? If it will all be on an iPad, well then I guess we don’t need lockers, but otherwise I hope they stay.

I really like the whole centralized institutions thing. If I don’t have to go to school everyday that would be awesome. It actually sounds fun to go out into the community to learn and not just be stuck behind a desk taking notes and then cramming the night before the test.

I am hoping so much that cafeteria food will be out the window. I mean, come on, some of that stuff is just plain disgusting. I never see the cafeteria workers eating it, so if they won’t eat it, why do we have to? Out with the old and in with the new and better tasting.

So go ahead and click on the link. There are other things on the link than what I  have mentioned on here. Look for the ones that you agree with or don’t. And feel free to post your opinions on any of the things they have stated, hey you can even disagree with me. =)

Hope you all have a good day! Merry early Christmas!

-Navy Blue Dress


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