Waiting for the Book


When the Great Gatsby came out, I specifically did not go and see it because I wanted to read the book first. This was a little hard for me because I love Leonardo Dicaprio. I knew I had to read the book for school so I ended up waiting until then to read it. And that day has come that we are reading it in class and I am so excited! So far I am about 70 pages into it and it is pretty good. As Fitzgerald’s writing most of the time is, it is fairly dry but I am ok with that. One thing that I thought before I read the book, was that Gatsby was the narrator, but I was wrong; the narrator is Nick Carraway. What is really interesting in this book is how Nick goes from being a character sometimes, to just being the writer of the story. This is probably hard to understand unless yo have read the book, but sometimes he backs up and starts talking about the book to the reader. I would  definitely  suggest this book.

Have a good day everyone!!! <33333

-Navy Blue Dress


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