Making Progress…Finally


Hola peoples!!!! How was your weekend? Hope it was fantastic!!!!!!

Well anyway I just wanted to tell you the Gold Glitter Pumps and I have finally started making progress on our project, which is good because procrastinating was really starting to stress me out. So what we did was on Friday we made 12 loaves of banana bread (which were really hard not to eat because they smelled really good). Then on Saturday we went around the neighborhood trying to sell them. We made $52!!! Woohoo!!!! This one extremely nice woman gave us $20 and when I went to give her her change she said no and to give it to the cancer research facility. This was amazing and GGP and I were really touched by it. The woman said she did it because her mother and brother died from cancer; while that made me really sad it also made me happy (not in a sick wrong kind of way). I was happy because I felt that what we were doing was really making an impact in peoples lives.

We plan to do the same thing next weekend and hopefully we will make more money. Although next weekend is the weekend before finals so i am probably gonna be so stressed out….hopefully it will be a nice break from studying.

-Navy Blue Dress

P.S. Do you guys want me to post the recipe for the banana bread?

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