Don’t worry, nobody is getting hurt in this fight because it’s for english!  Of course it is, hahaha.  This, the B.R.A.W.L., is when we all make questions about a book, in this case The Great Gatsby, and then you answer the ones that the teacher chooses and on the set up day each person in your group has to be able to answer any one of the questions.  It’s like a socratic seminar but with a twist because you get a specific question and everyone as to talk.  I did this last year also and it went well but we did multiple B.R.A.W.L.s since the book was The Tale of Two Cities and it’s quite a big book.  The questions do take a long time but it also helps you understand the book more and we get to do this instead of taking a final so I can’t complain!

Mention this to your teacher if you are sick of doing socratic seminars and want to try it.  It can only help anyways.  If you have a better suggestion please tell me.

Good luck on finals everybody!

–  Gold Glitter Pumps

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