Eek! College

Hola everybody! Hope your all well.


Recently in class, we have been prepping UC personal statement essays for UC college applications. This is my teachers way of giving us feedback on our essays this year, and us not coming back next year and asking him.While its awesome that we are getting ahead in that part of our college preparation, I am stressing out. Honestly, college scares me. Leaving home, choosing where to go, are you going to get in, deciding what you want to do with your life. I mean you are asking 18 year olds to do all of this when less than six months ago, they had to ask to go to the bathroom. Leaving home scares me because I am really close to my parents and I have never been without them for that long. They are my support and I go to them for almost anything, so going without that worries me. Choosing where to go and hoping that place is right for me?! Ugh. The wait after you send in the application is going to be the longest months ever. I am almost completely sure that I am going to be stressing out much more than normal in those months. And then there is always the part where you have to decide what you want to do once you get into college. What if I just don’t know? I mean going and trying everything costs tons of money and a lot of time. I have a few ideas about what I will do, but they aren’t definite. Now it probably seems that I think college is going to be all bad. That isn’t the case. I am excited for it too. Some of the things that scare me also excite me. Possibly moving somewhere new, meeting new people, and trying new experiences all seem like they are going to be really fun. Well hopefully this all works out for me. Thanks for listening to my thoughts on college, it feels good to write them down and express them. What are your thoughts on college?

Hope you all have a good day!

-Navy Blue Dress

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