A Kind Soul

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was great!


This last Friday, Gold Glitter Pumps and I made and sold more banana bread. In total we have made $154. Woohoo! When we started it out I was a little worried that we weren’t going to sell a lot because it was Friday at 4:00 and I was thinking that most people would still be heading home from work. Thankfully there were plenty of people home. There was this one really nice house that we walked up to and when we told the person what we were selling and what it was for he said no. He said that he doesn’t eat anything that people sell for charities but he donates. We said ok and started walking away because the way he said it it seemed like he didn’t want any. He then called us back and gave us $5 and didn’t take any bread. This is the second time in this whole process that someone has done something like that. Every time this happens I am blown away by how kind people can be. It makes me happy to know that they care about others and they don’t need anything in return. I hope that there are many people in the world like this.

-Navy Blue Dress

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