A Map of…Writing?

Hola everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing amazingly well.

Recently in English we have been doing these argument maps. What you do is for each paragraph of a piece of writing (argumentative) that you are reading and find the transition word. The transition word can be ones like : instead, too, this is not to say (it can be a phrase), even, unlike, of course, etc. You then explain what this word does to the paragraph or what the speaker is saying. You then explain the claims of each paragraph and what the transition word(s) of that paragraph does to the claim.

We have been doing this because we are prepping for writing our own argumentative essay in our class. It’s a really interesting and new way to look at a argumentative essay. I am writing my essay on if kids are given too many trophies. My stance is that yes, they definitely are. They become meaningless to the kids.

Here are what the maps look like. The first is one that I filled out and the second is a blank one.

photo 1 photo 2


Anybody else have new ideas of how to look at argumentative essays? Or have an opinion on if children are given too many trophies? If so please do tell, I would love to hear.

-Navy Blue Dress


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