To Infinity and Beyond!


Okay, so I have the perfect idea for what Navy Blue Dress and I should do next for our banana bread project.  The requirement for whatever our project could have been was that you are supposed to make a positive difference in your community.  To add to what we are doing already, making and selling homemade banana bread from door to door on weekends, I had a thought that we could make something easy like cookies or muffins and tell people at school what we’re doing and ask them if they would like to preorder some.  For instance, we could give them a flier explaining what we’re doing so that they can read that on their own and give to other people and we can ask them if they would like to pay for whatever amount of cookies or muffins and then tell them that they will have it brought to them at school on a certain day.  Get it?  I might not be explaining myself very clear but I want this to work and am excited but hope that this doesn’t overtake Navy Blue Dress and I like the picture of Woody above.

So far, as far as the food options go for people to “pre-order”, we have thought of cookies and muffins.  We don’t want something that is hard to carry and keep nice like cupcakes and we figured that if we tried to sell banana bread that people may not know what it is and if they do they probably don’t want a whole loaf of it, even if it is a mini one.  If you have any other ideas besides these two then we would greatly appreciate it and will respond back.









I hope I am not geting myself too excited over nothing because Navy Blue Dress and I are still just talking about this as a total up in the air idea.  However eager and enthusiastic I am about this idea, I only want to do it if Navy Blue Dress wants to do it honestly and not only because I want to do it.  Because otherwise it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.  We would also have to be able to really work together because if one of use doesn’t have time to make it with the other person for some reason before the date to give the “customers” their goodies then we would just need to make sure that we are staying in constant communication and working together.  Which that should really be no problem for us since we’re best friends and see each other every day for at least 5 hours.

Whether or not this idea of mine will go through or even if it does if it’ll be successful, Navy Blue Dress and I will still have tons of fun together making the banana bread and maybe even giving some to my mom to sell at her work.  The picture below is me dancing with Navy Blue Dress  when we make banana bread!

Go have some delicious food and dance.  Be good humans.

– Gold Glitter Pumps


5 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Yo, Gold Glitter Pumps!

    Can I start off by saying how cool you’re names for this blog are? Lol. Secondly, use of GIFs = attracts attention instantly. I like the last one especially…but *ehem*. A good progress blog post: I have the idea of what you’re doing despite never reading any of your other progress posts. I also want some of your banana bread – but without chocolate chips if that’s possible. (The woes of someone who doesn’t like chocolate.)

    Have fun ~ Leorai

    • Thank you so much for this awesome feedback! Since we don’t know who you are love, here is our email so that you can email us and we can tell you when we are going to start selling at school. I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

      • Haha, of course! Mmm…well, can’t exactly give it away, but my name starts with an L and I’m a Songleader. 😉 That should be a big hint. ~ Leorai

  2. Cookies arent a bad idea. There usually made with ingredients that are already in your house plus one or two things at a store. Easy to carry, they look good, people can buy however many they want, etc. Theres a reason girl scouts sell them so often.

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