Here We Go Again

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter and got to spend it with those you love.


On Thursday in English class we are going to be writing an in-class essay. This essay is going to be a style analysis on The Grapes of Wrath, which we have just finished reading. My problem with this isn’t that we have to write an essay, its the whole in class part of it that I don’t like; and its not just this essay, I have always hated in-class essays. I don’t like them because they don’t give you as much time to think and develop your ideas. I am the type of person where I don’t see all of the writing style very easily, so writing this in class is a bit of a challenge. My teacher says that this is in part to prepare us for the AP exam, where we will have to write a style analysis essay in a limited amount of time. I completely get that part of it and am actually thankful that we are getting to practice before we take the exam, but it still scares me to do it.

What do you guys think about in-class essays? Have you ever had to write one?

-Navy Blue Dress


2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. The teacher that I had for both sophomore & senior English class had us write 15-minute essays every day. She wrote the topic on the chalkboard, but hid it behind a map. Up went the map, the timer would start, and we would have to write. I loved it, but I’m sure others hated it. The essays were never meant to be perfect and polished, but I found it forced my brain to be thinking and get as organized as possible in the short time frame.

    • Yeah I really like the skills that it gives me I just don’t like really doing it. And we do something kinda like that called zero drafting. We get a topic and we write about it for 8 minutes. But we can’t stop writing and we don’t have to write about the topic our teacher gives us. Those I like doing

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