Eat to Cure

Hello Everyone!

This is a page for a event that we will be doing. The event is called Eat to Cure and we do food competitions and proceeds go to a charity called Trekstock that helps funds research of cancer and telling young people how the choices they make can affect them and the people around them.


We will be doing a food competition around once a month (we do not know the exact dates yet, but when we do we will let you know) and each one is going to be a different food. (We are still deciding where to hold this event). It is free to have your food entered in this event, but to taste all of the foods and vote for your top three you have to pay five dollars. The winner gets 30% of the money made and the rest go to Trekstock. We want as many people to be able to participate in this as possible. We will put a google doc up for each of the food competitions and if you want to participate then please put your name on it so we know how many people will be participating. Please keep in mind that people will be eating your food, if you decide to make some, and a heads up on peanuts would be appreciated.  I don’t think I have to tell you guys that the powdered sugar on the food you bring really should be powdered sugar!  Thank you so much and hope to see you there!

This is going to take place in Fountain Valley, California. It will be at Ellis Park right across from Shoreline Christian School. The school’s address is 10350 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

When you sign up, make sure you sign up for the right date. You can check what date you are looking at at the bottom.

It is going to be from 12:30pm- 2:30pm

P.S. Here is the Google Doc.

Google doc    (Click it)

-Navy Blue Dress & Gold Glitter Pumps


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