Looking Back

Well the school year is almost over and I feel like I have done so much. I have taken two AP classes, raised money for a charity, made it through chemistry (ugh!), and so much more. I had a lot of fun this year, but I have also had a ton of stress to deal with. In my English class this year I feel that I was able to refine my skills and that had I had a couple “Oh!” moments. Through my English class I was able to learn how to add my voice to a conversation. I feel that this will probably help me the most with my life in the future. I am a huge introvert but through technology and other resources I am able to talk to others and find out more than I would normally. I have also learned how to critically look at something and get more out of it than you would at a first glance. This will definitely help me in the future because not everything comes to us the first time we look over it. I know that I don’t necessarily like critically looking at everything, but I can see the purpose it serves and respect what it does for us.

Overall, this year has been pretty good… Now for summer!!!

-Navy Blue Dress


What APs Really Mean

Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well!

So AP exams are fast approaching, and I am scared out of my mind. I’ve spent all year preparing for these and all I can keep thinking is that I should have started studying sooner. As I am consumed with stress, I looked back at this year. When I signed up for my AP classes I knew they were going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t think I was signing up for THIS much. I mean there are good things that came with being in an AP class, but sometimes it is hard to see that through the piles of homework I have. I love learning these facts and other things and being able to use them and talk to others about them. I enjoy learning…to a degree. AP classes sometimes take learning over that degree. At the point where you are up until midnight doing homework because you have APs coming, homework from your AP classes, and homework form everything else, I can’t seem to see the light at the end of the AP tunnel. Aren’t AP classes supposed to teach us things more in depth so we can go out in the world and use them? Well with all of the work I have, I don’t see much of the world. I always looked at people who stay in all the time to do homework as weird and nerdy, but it looks like I have become one of those people.

With all that being said, I am still taking AP classes next more…I am even taking one more than this year. Sound masochistic? It probably is, but I am looking at all the benefits that I will get from taking these classes. I won’t have to take them college, so that frees my time there. And then there is the fact, that like I said before, I do like to learn. I also love the people in my AP classes. Sometimes people that are in regular classes don’t want to learn and it is distracting to those who do.

I can proudly say that I am an AP student. I like others being proud of me because of the things I am doing. Like anything, APs have their ups and downs, I guess it is just up to each person on what to do.

-Navy Blue Dress

Check That Off the List


Hello everybody! I hope your weekend was amazing! Mine was, I just wish it was longer.

Recently, I have had so much to do. I barely have any free time because I have so much to do. This all makes me stress out a lot and I don’t like to feel stressed out. And if I take a break one day then I am just going to feel more stressed out the next day because I didn’t do anything. Now no, this isn’t just a post to rant about all the stress in my life, its about how I know have one fewer thing to do.

Every week in English class for the past 21 weeks(not including breaks) we have been doing something called morphemes. They are basically a part of a word (i.e. lud, ad, uni, etc.) and when they are in words it can help you figure out the definitions of these words. Every week we would have ten of these and we would have to find a word with one of the morphemes in it and give the definition to that word (you did one of these for each morph). Then you would write ten sentences, one for each word you just looked up. Or later in this whole process we started writing paragraphs, and you had to use at least six of the words. Every three weeks we had a quest (no worth as much as a test, but more than a quiz), so each one would be on thirty morphs; but sometimes old morphs would come up in the quiz.

Like I said, we have done this for the past 21 weeks, and we are finally finished with them and I am so excited about that. Its not that these were hard or anything, but on top of everything else that I have to do, it was just one more thing for me to stress about. It probably doesn’t help that I left all the stuff to do for each of them and studying up until the day before it was due; but most of that wasn’t on purpose. I would either forget about them, or be extremely busy with other stuff that I just had no time. Now this doesn’t mean that I suddenly have a ton of spare time-I wish- but it was nice to hear that we aren’t doing them anymore and it was one less thing for me to stress over.

I’m not sure if teachers, especially AP teachers, understand that we can’t just work all the time. One, its not healthy and two, most kids (and for the most part adults too) don’t want to have to work that long. When teachers go home, they might have to grade some papers or due a few lesson plans, but even those aren’t everyday things. Why do they think that we must have a ton of homework and no free time when they get a ton of free time? Can someone please explain this to me?

-Navy Blue Dress

How About No?

Hello everyone! How are you? Well I hope that everything is fabulous!


Last week in English class we read an essay called Class Dismissed. The essay was all about how the author, Walter Kirn, thinks that senior year of high school is useless and should be done away with. He says how that year of school is just a waiting ground, while the students could actually start college early, go into the work force, or anything else they were planning to do once they got out of high school. Walter Kirn says in his essay that he does not know if anything would be lost if senior year were taken out, because he himself did not go to his senior year of high school. Though what he does say is that when he visited home, all senior year had done for his friends was make one an unwed mother and some “into victims of major car collisions.” I’m not sure I totally agree with Kirn though.

I understand that colleges don’t look at the grades you get in senior year, but they do look at the classes you take to make sure that you are not just slacking off. They do this because they look at the college applications sent in while the students are still in their senior year of high school. If senior year were done away with, wouldn’t that just be pushed back to junior year? All colleges would have to go off of is the students grades from sophomore year (colleges don’t look at grades from freshman year). I already had enough stress in my sophomore year, I don’t think they need to add more by making that the only year being looked at for college. What if you had a bad year? Or semester? You get judged on that and there is next to nothing you can do about it.

Also some people really use their senior year to grow and mature. At 17-18 years old, most people are not ready mature enough to move out and live on their own (I’m not even sure they are mature enough to do that at 19 years old). A parents job is to raise their child to be a good citizen and be able to go off on their own and be successful. You can’t really teach children that stuff until a certain age because they just will not understand it. Heck, most parents are still teaching their kids this stuff at the age they move out now. I’m not saying kids should live with their parents until they are 25 and are living off their parents. I am just saying that parents should be allowed to shape their children into these good people until they become mature.

Kirn says that nothing much will be lost if senior year is hacked off. I wish that was true! I already have so much lined up for my senior year. On top of three or four AP classes, I will be finishing volunteering at a local hospital, and I am thinking that I will be taking a ROP class (these are classes that are meant to help teenagers explore fields of work they are interested in to see of they would be intrigued in doing that as a career). I might also be taking a fun class: cooking maybe? I am using senior year to really get ahead so I don’t have to do so much in college and to explore my options for a career. If senior year were not there I would loose a lot, and I am sure I am not the only one.

I’m sure that there is probably some good things if senior year were to be no more, but this is what I think about it. I feel like these reasons really outweigh, whatever good could come from not having senior year.

What do you guys think about this? Are you pro-senior year or not?

-Navy Blue Dress