Last night Navy Blue Dress and I went to this project showcase after school.  You know how Navy Blue Dress and I are doing the banana bread project?  Well, you got to choose what you did for you projects and the showcase was to see what other people had done for their project.  We helped set up everything and afterwards people started setting their things up.  The people at tables had more of a walk-around and see what each project is about and then there were also seven or so groups that presented in front of everybody.  We had a lot of fun and some of the projects and people’s ideas were impressive and/or creative and fun.  The only problem was that the presentations were taking too long and we had already been there for three hours not including school.

Overall, it was neat to see all of the projects and we also got extra credit for our class by doing this.  We had no expectations when we went since we didn’t really know what to expect.  I also had a problem, or something working in my mind because if we were to present or even be at one of the tables it seems so simple or plain to say that we make homemade banana bread, sell it door-to-door, and then donate the money.  The problem is that it is so much more than that between meeting both rude and lovely people and everything that we’re learning while doing this.  I didn’t know how we would be able to express that to anyone though and have them truly understand.  I told Navy Blue Dress and she agreed with me and I said that we should do something bigger or something to show people its worth or even go along with our idea of selling things at school.  We don’t know what to do but the awesome thing about our project is that it doesn’t ever have to stop.

If you have any ideas to help with this conundrum then it would help so much!

Be good humans.

–  Gold Glitter Pumps


Memory Mirror-Night

At the end of the book NIGHT, the last scene he finally sees himself in the mirror after years in the concentration camp. Elie Wiesel argues that no one can ever forget the terrible torture experienced at the camp. Looking at his reflection, his suffering shown through his bones, his sadness from his skin, and his weakened strength through his eyes are living proof that the nightmare was a reality. His reflection is a reminder that he survived the great struggle. From what he remembers what he looked like before the camp and life then was just a dream.
The line in the song REFLECTION from the movie MULAN-Why does my reflection show someone I don’t know?-sums up the whole emotion Elie Weisel felt when he looked in the mirror.

-Dark Gray Peacoat