Here We Go Again

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter and got to spend it with those you love.


On Thursday in English class we are going to be writing an in-class essay. This essay is going to be a style analysis on The Grapes of Wrath, which we have just finished reading. My problem with this isn’t that we have to write an essay, its the whole in class part of it that I don’t like; and its not just this essay, I have always hated in-class essays. I don’t like them because they don’t give you as much time to think and develop your ideas. I am the type of person where I don’t see all of the writing style very easily, so writing this in class is a bit of a challenge. My teacher says that this is in part to prepare us for the AP exam, where we will have to write a style analysis essay in a limited amount of time. I completely get that part of it and am actually thankful that we are getting to practice before we take the exam, but it still scares me to do it.

What do you guys think about in-class essays? Have you ever had to write one?

-Navy Blue Dress


A Map of…Writing?

Hola everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing amazingly well.

Recently in English we have been doing these argument maps. What you do is for each paragraph of a piece of writing (argumentative) that you are reading and find the transition word. The transition word can be ones like : instead, too, this is not to say (it can be a phrase), even, unlike, of course, etc. You then explain what this word does to the paragraph or what the speaker is saying. You then explain the claims of each paragraph and what the transition word(s) of that paragraph does to the claim.

We have been doing this because we are prepping for writing our own argumentative essay in our class. It’s a really interesting and new way to look at a argumentative essay. I am writing my essay on if kids are given too many trophies. My stance is that yes, they definitely are. They become meaningless to the kids.

Here are what the maps look like. The first is one that I filled out and the second is a blank one.

photo 1 photo 2


Anybody else have new ideas of how to look at argumentative essays? Or have an opinion on if children are given too many trophies? If so please do tell, I would love to hear.

-Navy Blue Dress

The Little Things

Hello my darling.  How are you doing?  Well, let this make your day even better.

A little about me.  I love the little things in life.  Who doesn’t?  It’s what makes everything so special, creative, magical, and definitely nostalgic.  The way the rain sounds when you are going to sleep.  The moment when you come home after buying all of your favorite foods.  How no matter grumpy, tired, or exhausted, you will always have your family there for you.  Waking up to breakfast.  Falling asleep in the car or on the couch and waking up in your bed.  When things go better than planned or expected.  Bumping into a guy and looking up and having your stomach do cartwheels.  Staying at home, reading a good book with some tea and cookies.  No homework.  British accents.  Accents in general.  Holidays with your family.

You get the point.

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