Don’t we all enjoy fashion?  Whether shopping or even making something completely unique.  However, even though I enjoy it as much as the next person, that is not what this blog is about.

When we are really little we learn how to crawl, interact with people, express emotions, and even talk.  The more we grow the more we learn.  For example, you learn what foods you like, the kind of friends you want to hang out with, and the person you truly are.  People say that our parents and grandparents are not just smarter and wiser than we are but they each have something special.  They have all grown up differently and each have something different to share with the world.  But this time they are things like trust, relationships, morals, and loyalty.  We each have our own story to tell at the end of our lives and hope that someone, anyone, will listen.  Us, the people who have started this blog, on the other hand, are still living their story.  We simply wanted to share a part of it with the world and hopefully have an audience so that we can look back on this a long time from now and see a snippet, if you will, from our lives.

We are the next generation and we decide how to live our lives and who we are meant to be.  Just like our previous generation did for themselves.  The New Vintage is all about what this generation will become as a whole and as individuals.  We are not replacing the previous but rather traveling down our own paths.  Take a look around, explore with us.  You never know what you may discover.


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