The Last Symphony

This post is for the book that we just read in English class, Night.  I really loved this book and recommend it to anyone who is interested.  This book is about the very real and very personal story about Elie’s experiences with the Holocaust death camps.  One on the scenes in this book that really hit home for me was this one where they had just ran all night long, it was freezing outside, everyone was exhausted and were sleeping in the snow, if you know what I mean.  Elie saw his friend, Juliek, who was a very good violinist, pull out his violin.  It was prohibited for them to play any music let alone German music but his favorite composer was Beethoven.  Juliek slowly started to play Bethoven’s concerto with all his heart.  He didn’t care who was watching or listening he played the music for himself as a sort of sad happiness that one can only find in the midst of despair.  Everyone was quiet and listened.  The music quietly passed people out of this world and gave hope to others who found it in that moment.  It was all Juliek had ever wanted.  His last performance, last moment alive, and last moment happy.  The slow ending to a song reflects that of a human life.  For when the morning came, the first thing Elie saw when he woke up numb in the snow was the face of the dead Juliek lying in the snow next to him.


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